Students for Child-Oriented Policy

Students for Child-Oriented Policy is a student club at the University of Notre Dame that advocates for children by promoting marriage, education, and adoption and defending against the harms of pornography and drug/alcohol abuse.

Everything we do is centered around the child. Our goal is to work towards a world where the dignity of every child is upheld to the highest degree.

How Students for Child-Oriented Policy is Active:

An intellectual understanding of traditional values

Bi-weekly club meetings and an annual conference aim to develop our knowledge base and ability to speak on important topics.

A push to filter pornography at Notre Dame

Our petition to filter pornography has garnered the signatures of 2,400 members of the Notre Dame community and achieved national media attention.

Advocacy and engagement for our beliefs

Lectures, debates, and tabling events enable us to reach out to the community for support and involvement for children.